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January 21, 2001

Baja Miner Uprising on Napa

While mining in the local mountains, disgruntled down and out Baja miners came across a shard gate, transferring them into the picturesque land of Napa. Instead of soaking up the atmosphere and sampling the local vintages, the miners used this opportunity to protest for rock splitters the Napa Shard over. Stratics Napa Valley Reporter Pelle Svanslos reported on the grisly situation:

Dear Readers,

I have to warn you about the increasing danger of going to Felucca these days. Especially the city of Britain. As I make my way through the streets I'm almost trampeled on a daily basis by the strange colored warhorses of faction members as run around looking like they have important business to take care of.

At the bank I have to constantly look over my shoulder for the myriad of thieves just waiting to snoop my pack and now...now it gets worse.

A band of miners from a town called Baja (I had never heard of it, but they assured me it was real) were protesting their memebers being murdered at the hands of the PKs.

I tried to get the guards to stop this nonsense...

...but as we know the guards aren't so smart.

Once again it was up to the citizens to clean this town up.

So, just as I was saying: "Can't we all get along" off they ran. North towards the graveyard. With a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach I ran after them. I wasn't sure what they were doing yet, but I followed diligently. As a news reporter I knew I wanted to be in on this story.

A crowd had gathered previously, some of them looking like they were spoiling for a fight. They hung back watching to see where the miners would go and when we arrived in the graveyard they loitered restlessly.

The miners started protesting about PKs and some of them lamented the loss of their favorite packie. They wanted to know, who among this group, was the culprit of this lower than low crime of horse killing.

Just about everyone stepped forward with a gleam in their eye and a sharp blade in hand. And so...the inevitable happened. The miners attacked and were killed one by one. Some of them begged for their lives by offering information only a miner would know...

...but it wasn't enough. Soon the ground was littered with dead bodies and pickaxes.

I didn't know these poor souls very long, but I felt as if I understood their rage and pain. They just wanted the simple life of hacking away at rocks day in and day out. Not asking for much, just to be left alone with their ore. These simple folk wanted what the rest of us do...to get along with our neighbors.

I ask you, is that so wrong?

Unfortunately, as I started to leave the graveyard with a heavy heart those jerks all attacked me!

So, I whipped out my katana and dropped them on the spot. 5 vs 1. They took off 1 hp. I think I found my new sig.

So, I say if the Baja miners was to perticipate in mass suicide...I'll be there to lend a helping hand.

Pelle Svanslos
More paintings of this event can be found on the UOSS Baja Forum.

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at January 21, 2001 3:49 PM

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