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January 28, 2001

Ahh the king has spoken

[A recent Freeborn Press article concerned Lagesek's response over his experience in the war of Dawn, and referred you, our readers, to his entire post on an outside message board. More recently, a recent news submission contained a fuller response by Hellrazor to points not mentioned in the Lagesek's article, but rather to the original post, and so may be out of context for some readers. Although we'll be posting the following rebuttal, it is my opinion that related "articles" are better suited as a more direct conversation between the related parties, and so this "thread" on the front page of the Freeborn Press ends here. -Nobody]

As a followup to HR's post.

I do not see you speak once of any sort of apology for the actions of one of your guildmembers. Even he had the decency to make sure I was aware he regretted his words and actions. I will assume that your anger over my flogging of your town clouds your judgement in this and ignore this added insult.

My reasons for not approaching Dawn on the night of the event were simple. I felt it would be best if I did not do so in anger. I was led away quickly and quietly as to not further inflame the situation. On the next day I spoke with most involved and cleared it all up.Or so I thought!

I wanted to mention that the things you point to were not what made me angry. I have died ingame more times than I can count in the last week let alone the 3 years I have been a part of this world. I did not either regret the loss of some 30 regs. I did however feel it worthy of note that a group that proposes to hold such high ideals would just as easily sink to such lows.

I am open to discuss this with anyone from Dawn if you still feel it necessary.

Good luck


[After Lagesek's original submission, above, he asked that this next part be added. -Ed.]


I have just noticed in HRs post that I am referred to as Lagesek of Avalon.

I do not currently hold any affiliation with Avalon besides friendship. I am a member of the guild NX if you need to qualify this.

Additionally I would like to note that I have spoken with Lady Hayloh of Dawn and I am satisfied with her apology and explanation. I asked for the posts on Avalon messageboard to be deleted and they have. I consider this matter with Dawn closed.

Posted by Nobody at January 28, 2001 2:02 AM

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