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January 18, 2001

A new home for Mages.. and friends

I read the following today at UO Journal:


As the fog settled over the castle a dark figure slipped over the walls into the courtyard. Shrouded in darkness and the dense fog, she silently crept across the grounds to the large stone building in the center of the walls.

The call of a small sparrow drifted across the fog from the shadowed figures lips. After a moment another figure floated over the walls of the castle and glided along the grass to the first figures side.

"Guards are light tonight," the second figure whispered.

"All the better for us, but keep your wits about you wizard, I don't want anything surprising me." The first figure whispered back.

"As m'lady says." The wizard said with a flourish and a bow.

"Oh cut that out you silly fop." She responded with a smile. "Now lets go, the guards are rotating."

The fog around the Savage Truth Tower was light and clung to the ground in the silent morning hours. The dew still lingering upon the flowers and trees.

On the steps of the Tower stood a man, garbed in a dark blue robe of fine cut, who kept looking to the horizon to note the sun's rising.

A patch of fog suddenly swirled, as if disturbed by the wind, only to have two figures, one woman, one man, appear in the center of the disturbance.

"You two are late," The man garbed in blue noted. "You had me worried for a while there."

With and impish grin the wizard retorted "You know me Tib, cant turn down a bit 'o fun can I?"

Giggling right along with the wizard the thief piped up, "Yes Tib, Zedd here is a lot of fun!"

Tiberious rolled his eyes skyward, "Zeddicus, one of these days your going to get yourself in trouble, now what did you two find?"

"The place is perfect. There have been no changes to the structure. Luck for us no, but we will have to change that later. The guards are light and have long rotations, will be very easy to overcome. All in all I would say that we could not ask for a better stronghold." The thief reported. "I would suggest that we do not dally to long on claiming the castle as our own. We should move inside the next few days."

"Then take it we shall. The Council of Mages need a more appropriate base to work with. Then the Sosarian Alliance shall take over Lord Brittish's Castle as our own. Yet we shall never swear our fealty to him."

~By Zeddicus, First Wizard, ST/SA, Baja

Posted by Thellaren at January 18, 2001 2:18 AM

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