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January 27, 2001

A Downside of Last Night's War

On the down side of the opinions of the war in Dawn, not every event goes well for everyone. This afternoon, Baja resident Lagesek submitted his short-yet-aggressive critique about last night's war in Dawn. In the first half of his post he comments:

For the most part it was a one sided effort with the DT and the King's men and women romping all over Dawn.When it was all over (or so we were told) and the dust had settled many dead lay on the field in front of one of Dawns towers.

We the victors rested (lagged) in front of those collecting their spirts and their belongings. All of a sudden we are called to arms again! It seems Sanglant had turned on the tower and those in its service were asked to take him down.

After a valiant battle sanglant succombed to the many and lay dead at our feet.
He continues on with more personal opinions in the original post, which can be found here, on the Avalon Public Forum.

Posted by Keith at January 27, 2001 11:02 PM

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