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December 30, 2000

UO: 3D Alpha - The Guided Tour

Xena Dragon over at UOSS posted some more opinions about Ultima Online: Third Dawn, here. Below is the introductory paragraph.

UO: 3D Alpha - The Guided Tour

In the past days I've seen so many different things in the new land Ilshenar that it's hard to determine where to start. Let me take you by the hand, across the new lands, as we visit each of the eight shrine moongates and their surroundings. Note: not all dungeon, cave and passage entrances and exits that teleport you to another area of the map are working in this Alpha test. Therefor you may not be able to enter certain areas that are described below from all sides, sometimes only one of many ways to get into an area actually works. Ilshenar is roughly doughnut shaped, with a large hole in the middle and various forms of terrain scattered around.

Posted by Nobody at December 30, 2000 11:09 AM

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