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December 30, 2000

"Ultima 1 - A Legend Is Reborn" Interview

UOSS received a great tip from Orion and Llemnadrell about an interview at RPGdot with Telemachos, the Programmer at Peroxide�a company which is creating a freeware remake of Ultima 1 called �Ultima 1 - A Legend Is Reborn�. Below is the start of the interview, conducted by garrett, and the entire interview can be found here. The official web site for
�Ultima 1 - A Legend Is Reborn� is here (along with a lot of really nice looking screenshots).

"Ultima 1 - A Legend Is Reborn" Interview

We had the chance to conduct an interview with Telemachos, programmer of the Ultima I - A Legend Is Reborn, a remake of the original Ultima I. For more information head over to the Peroxide website (http://www.peroxide.dk/ultima/) and be sure, to download the playable test build (http://www.peroxide.dk/ultima/release/u1_tech.):

RPGDot: Ultima 1 - A Legend Reborn; will it follow the original storyline of Ultima I, or where's the differences?

Telemachos: We decided to change the storyline some to make the game more RPG oriented rather than the hack'n'slash action game the original was. We'll do that by introducing alot of sub-quests, mainly given by NPC's you'll meet in taverns, on the streets of the towns, in the wilderness etc.

Also by popular demand we'll remove the space-part from the original where suddenly had to fly a space craft and shoot down aliens and replace that by a quest more true to the fantasy genre. The overall plot of the game remains unchanged though so the final battle shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.

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