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December 22, 2000

The Wedding of Ruby & Phoenix

On Wednesday, the 20th of December, my sister, Queen Ruby Flash of Yoran, was married to Phoenix, Lord High Chancellor of the Knights of Steel. Anticipation was thick, as we were all worried that, like Ruby's previous fiances, Phoenix would meet his death on the wedding day. I, myself, was quite concerned, as I had witnessed the prior attempt and seen the groom slaughtered at the alter. I thought it quite judicious of my sister that this time she had chosen to wed in a field of flowers, should there in fact be any blood. Last time the blood's puddling effect on the tiles of the Nujel'm palace, when it started to run towards the guests' feet....well, let's just say that was a situation best avoided. The seats at this ceremony, too, were well back, should there be any splattering. We were prepared for the worst, even while we hoped for the best.

S'karlett, Rogue Princess

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at December 22, 2000 12:01 AM

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