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December 13, 2000

The One Festival (Trammel)

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

The new community, Kingdom of Dreams, is hosting their very first event, The One Festival, on Friday December 22, 2000 at the Skara Brae fairgrounds! Meet the members of our community for food, drink, and a whole lot of fun! The Festival will open at 5 PM Pacific Time with a Merchant Flea Market, bring your best craftsmen, blacksmiths, rares sellers and sell your items at your regular or discounted prizes! Also customers are needed to come look at what is offered... for trading, selling, or buying, this is for everyone!

We will have many events and contests on hand to attract everyone! Participate in the warrior, mage, or free for all class Player vs. Player tournaments! Animal fights as well, bet on the animal you think will win!

Contests will include an apple eating contest, an ale drinking contest, participate in the costume/dress contest or match your wits in the chess tournament. Fun to be had by all and food and drink will be served free as well! Come join us for this fine festival and check the shedule below for each event.

From 4:30 PM PST until 6 PM mages will be on hand at Moonglow and Britain to gate you to this fabulous event! Just look for the K^D abbreviation! Or you can walk to the fairgrounds by walking directly East of the Skara Brae docks!


Schedule for The One Festival

The Festival will kick off at 5 PM Pacific Standard Time with the opening of the Flea Market/Swap Meet. An event staff person will be on hand to organize the merchants. Merchants are urged to arrive at the fairgrounds at 4:30 PM (gates can and will be provided if needed) so the staff can address the merchants to the "rules and standards" of selling at our event. The cost to sell here is free, just bring it free of attitude as well! People may start buying, selling, trading at 5 PM.

Click here for larger image5:10 PM PvP Tourney Entries.We will begin entry for the PvP tournament. a separate guild stone will be used for event purposes to participate so we can fight. There will be 3 classes. Warrior, Mage, and a free for all.

Warrior Class - All GM weapon/armor. Only potions allowed are greater heal potions. NO POISON. NO MAGERY. Ressurections will be on hand (or the loser may yield before they die, in which case the other shall back off IF THEY CAN or otherwise be disqualified.) NO LOOTING. Fighting is to stay within the pit 1 vs 1.

Mage Class - Same rules apply except anything goes magic wise! Bring your best Mages!

Free For All - Anything goes. Mages can fight warriors. Bring your BEST PvP character to this one! Only GM weps and armor. But poisoning, potions, magery are allowed!


All fighting will be done in the "fighters pit" at the Skara fairgrounds. You must join our temporary guild to participate, and several of our STRONG characters will be on hand to "gank" anyone causing serious mischief (looting) and maybe GM support as well to help us.
5K entry fee and prizes are awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of each category depending on how much our entry fee comes to. Event will start when all entries are in!

5:20 PM Animal Fight Entries. Bring your favorite animal (NOT MONSTER --- ie mares, dragons) to this event and let the animals duke it out. When owner says "yield" or "stop" fight is over and Vets will be there to heal the animals and separate them. Bets can be taken aside by other players if you wish! Once again a 5K entry fee and prizes awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners.

Click image to enlarge5:30 PM Apple Eating Contest. Meet at the apple tree at the fairgrounds for our apple eating contest. It's free to enter and Prizes include:

1st Place - 15K
2nd Place - 10K
3rd Place - 5K

A set number of apples will be placed in bags and the first person to eat all the apples in the bag and hand the empty bag to the judge wins! Make sure you come with an empty stomach and feel free to Spew apple juice every where afterwards! :) Or just head on over to the next event, drinking ale!

Click here to enlarge image5:50 PM Ale Drinking Contest. Come see how fast you can get drunk! Entry is free to everyone! A set number of bottles of ale will be deposited in bags and handed to everyone by our friendly bartenders/judges. First one to drink all their ale and get drunkest the fastest wins the prize!

1st Place - 15K
2nd Place - 10K
3rd Place - 5k

Click here to enlarge image

6:00 PM Chess Tournament Entries.
A 1K entry fee to participate in this single elimination chess tournament. Winner takes all! Be the #1 chess player in all of Britannia! Chessboards will be provided and sore losers shall be escorted immediately. Bring your thinking cap and enjoy a nice relaxing game of chess! This is excellent for all you Britannian chess lovers out there! Tournament will start when entries are in.

Click here to enlarge image6:30 PM Costume/Dress contest entries. The final event of the evening and possibly the best! Come be a part of the costume/dress contest! 3 judges will be there to judge on originality and other categories. Be a part of the audience and have a chance to vote for best of show! No recounts needed! The contest will begin at 7 PM. Prizes include:

1st place (judges) - 15K
2nd place (judges)- 10K
3rd place (judges) - 5K
Best of Show (Audience) - 20K

We hope to see you all at our festival and learn about our wonderful kingdom we have and possibly be interested in joining and helping with out next event. But most of all, come to have fun and see the wonderous things we can do together on this fabulous game! Thank thee!

Posted by Thellaren at December 13, 2000 2:03 AM

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