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December 23, 2000

The Fate of Minax and the FOA Leader

I was skimming recent non-Baja news on UOSS and was pointed to the following thread (in the Sonoma news section, of all places) from the UO Boards web pages, here:

Re: Plot resolution, a problem in Major Plotlines

Ok let me clarify a few things. Nystul and Lord British did not just go through the trouble of opening Trammel on a whim. :) Minax had taken Trinsic, was ravaging the landscape, and had polluted the Shrines of Virtue. The Shrines was the last straw for LB. The shrines are the physical embodiment of his whole belief system. Seeing this action take place was the point at which he decided to risk casting such a powerful spell.

As for the FoA? Martoo and company are all dead, save the mysterious FoA leader who is held prisoner some where in the world. Who was he? Will there ever be some answers to those mysteries surrounding the FoA? Stay tuned. ;)

Minax is still plotting in the dark corners of Felucca.

So very weird things have been happening with a little know mage in Moonglow...named Revlo.

and a fellowed named Gilforn...is about to make the discovery of a lifetime.

As Third Dawn nears release who knows what kind of strange and interesting things are going to happen. Or better still what evil lies beyond Britannia waiting to be released.

*speaks no more*

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Posted by Keith at December 23, 2000 12:32 AM

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