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December 10, 2000

The "Empty Cup" Tavern Opens Friday, Dec. 15th (Trammel)

The following was recently posted to Stratics Baja:

I would like to announce the opening of a new player run stablishment on the Baja shard. The "Empty Cup" Tavern will be opening next friday night at 10pm EST. There will be free fish cakes and ale to all visitors plus there will be some events to be announced the night of the event. There will be runes handed out all this week and next week, plus there will be some of my guildmates gating people to the tavern in the towns of Britain, Trinsic, and Minoc at the Banks. It will be a good time for conversation, meeting people, and hopefully I can get a few of you adventures out there to come spin a yarn about one of your adventures.

Depending on the turnout friday night I will be making steady open hours for the tavern. Those of you who would like to travel there on your own it is located on the far east side of the swamp above trinsic, the sextant coordinates are 63o 16'S 56o 52'E. I hope to see all of you out there next friday night. If you have any questions at all about the tavern, please feel free to ICQ me at 4462915, or email me.

Take Care :)

Posted by Thellaren at December 10, 2000 2:51 PM

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