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December 10, 2000

The CoM Raids Moonglow and Chases Minax Out (Felucca)

UO Journal had the following to report today regarding factions on Baja:

Working in small-organized teams the CoM gated on top of the Moonglow bank. The CoM was out numbered as they took Minax on in Moonglow Saturday evening. A short exchange accrued with numerous Minaxians falling under the fury of the mages attack.

Minaxians were soon chased out of town by the CoM. True to Minax's faction size and organization they begin to return in numbers. Minaxians returned to Moonglow a few minutes later but the CoM was already in Britain hounding the Shadowlords.

Elvin Thalaar

Posted by Thellaren at December 10, 2000 2:30 PM

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