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December 16, 2000

Shadowlight Christmas Summary

I saw the following posted on the Golden Brew Messageboard:

Thank ye to all that came to talk with Santa or just to to play in the games. I'd like to specially thank Ursula, Mirabel, Sleath, and the AoV members for help with decorating the tavern and gathering some supplies. Thank you very much all of ye!

The night started out with everyone coming over to the Village hall to have a seat on Santa's knee to tell him what they wanted for Christmas. Santa talked to many many children last night. At a table next to Santa, Athena, the Gypsy Queen, was giving near year fortune readings. Unfortunately she soon felt very drained and passed out during a reading.

After about an hour Santa and his reindeer left, yelling "Merry Christmas to all and to all a Goodnight!" to all at the tavern. With that he, his reindeer and helper, flew out of site.

Anvil showed up at the tavern, and began the caroling contest. The winners of the event were:

1st place: Kita Talith (with 15 out of 15 correct)
2nd place: Ursula (with 14 our of 15 correct)
3rd place: Mirabel (with 9 out of 15 correct)

After prizes were given and congratulations exchanged, Anvil started the second event.

Here folks got part of Santa's christmas list, as he had lost his bag filled with goodies. Everyone had an hour to return with as many goodies as they could. The winners of this event were:

1st place:Maston Stamper (all items in)
2nd place:Mirabel (all items in)
3rd place:Bronwyn (all items but 1 in)

All in all I hope ye had as much fun at the party as those that hosted it did having it for ye.

*wishing ye and yers a very merry christmas*

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Posted by Thellaren at December 16, 2000 2:22 PM

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