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December 8, 2000

PVP Tourney on Baja (Felucca)

Ok all you PVPers out there listen up! The community of Lost Isle will be having its first annual PVP tournament December 22. There will be no entry fee and there will be a 400k purse to the winner. There will be NO magic weapons or armor, no area spells, and a horse will be optional. Potions and magic are allowed and anyone may enter. Runes, Gates, and Facet stones will be provided. It will be a ladder match with players being matched by random.

Please ICQ me and give me the characters name that you want to place in the tourney along with your ICQ. Please come have fun there will be vendors, food, and liqueur come one come all. If you don't have ICQ email me at hemp_of_baja@weedmail.com. This event will start at 8 pm pacfic. Sextant cords are 40 41'S 40 46'E. That is in Felucca. There will be no looting. Reds are welcome. Poisoned blades are allowed if the other person is using a poisoned blade. There must be mutual agreement on both fighters part.

Hemp of Baja

Posted by Thellaren at December 8, 2000 12:00 AM

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