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December 24, 2000

Paul Sage Interview

RPGVault was recently able to interview Paul "Sage" Sage, Lead Designer for Ultima Online. The entire interview can be read here. Below is their introduction to the interview.

Paul Sage Interview

Although other titles can claim the distinction of having reached the market earlier, there is no denying the fact that the release of Ultima Online in 1997 represents a very significant landmark in the history of computer gaming. Until that time, subscription-based persistent online worlds were regarded as a niche category, and a small one at that. As a result, the initial projections for UO were in the range of a few thousand players. It became clear during development that the level of interest was much greater than originally anticipated, and its ultimate success set the stage for the games that have followed, and for the explosive growth that is expected during the next few years.

Despite the subsequent release of other major titles and the impending arrival of quite a few more including a second online world set in an offshoot of the Ultima mythos, Ultima Online remains tremendously popular among online gamers around the world. A very important factor in this has been the game's ongoing development by the UO Live team, development that has produced a continuing stream of improvements and fixes as well as major expansions and updates. As we return to our occasional series of online world interviews, we're very happy to welcome Paul Sage, current Lead Designer on the UO Live team, who shares some very interesting thoughts with us.

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