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December 1, 2000

OSI: Testing Ultima Online

The following was just posted to What's New on the UO.com website:

Testing Ultima Online

We're continuing to work hard to ensure that Ultima Online is as stable and bug-free as possible, but we can always use your help. By participating in tests of new systems and changes, and sending in detailed bug reports, you can make a great difference in Ultima Online. The Test Center shard has been specifically adapted to allow players to easily test game systems. On Test Center, you may adjust your own stats or skills, and your bank box comes filled with a variety of reagents, items, moonstones, and runes.

The best way to contribute to the test environment is by watching the In Testing section of our website to keep up-to-date on the latest changes currently in testing. Once you're familiar with the latest game tests, log in to Test Center and start trying to break them! Try anything, try everything. Test Center is a world we want you to do your best to abuse.

Second, you'll need to submit bug reports to the QA Team in an efficient and timely manner. Bug reports should contain the following information:
  • Client Version Number. This is located at the bottom of the main UO login screen.
  • Server Name
  • Detailed Bug Description (step-by-step, tell us what you did and what happened)
  • Date/Time of Occurrence
  • Location (Sextant coordinates, facet, and city location)
  • On-site references (If you spoke with a counselor or GM, what was his/her name and what were you told?)
It is extremely important to include the necessary steps to recreate a bug, thus allowing the QA Team to promptly review it. We do recommend that you try to be as concise as possible when sending in reports as well. Try to tell us only those steps that were necessary to activate the bug.

Completed bug reports can be sent via email to TCBugs@uo.com. We look forward to working with you!

Posted by Keith at December 1, 2000 5:49 PM

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