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December 20, 2000

OSI: Client Patch 2.0.4 Update (2)

The following was just posted to FYI on the UO.com website:

Client Patch 2.0.4 Update

We have resolved the issues with the 2.0.4 client patch and will be releasing it to all shards at approximately 4:30PM CST. This patch will temporarily disconnect all players from the shards to patch before returning.

If you have any difficulty receiving this patch, please check the following:
  • Check the "Patch" directory within your Ultima Online directory (the default location is C:\\Program Files\Ultima Online\Patch). This directory should be empty. Any files in this directory should be deleted.
  • If you are unable to connect to the patch server at all, and are using an original (Non-T2A) version of Ultima Online, you may need to update your verinfo file. For details on updating this file, please see the information posted at http://support.uo.com/tech_6.html.
  • Run a virus scan on your computer.
If after trying the above, you are still experiencing difficulty patching the Ultima Online client, please contact Technical Support at tech@uo.com.

Posted by Nobody at December 20, 2000 5:47 PM

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