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December 10, 2000

Moonglow Quest (Pieced Together)

I pieced together a few accounts of a quest I heard of on the Tradespot and UOSS Baja boards. This is what I have so far:

A few nights back, a scholar at the Encyclopedia Magicka in Moonglow was looking for a book that disappeared. He enlisted the aid of several warriors who went off in seach of the tome. They soon found a thief named Dorian who claims that a dragon commanded him to take the book.

Soon thereafter elementals are found outside Moonglow's Lycaeum(?), apparently summoned by a white dragon. A black dragon soon joins in the fight. One of them carries the book which is entitled "Ye Fauna of Sosaria's Fens", the book they are looking for. Anyway, it turns out that the dragon(s) soon escape through the southside of Moonglow.

After the dragon(s) escapes the scholar tells people to ask around in taverns about the white, black, and red dragons. Apparently the red dragon is named "Arakhan" although I did not find an account of the others.

If anyone has more cohesive information on this quest or paintings, feel free to send them here to our pressroom.

Posted by Thellaren at December 10, 2000 4:46 PM

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