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December 6, 2000

Miner's Revenge (Felucca)

This week in Feluccian Britain, disgruntled miners have been overheard yammering of a violent uprising while at the Unicorn Horns Tavern. High moonstone prices to utopian Trammel, followed by low ore yield in the local mountains have driven the miners to the poverty level, sending countless spelunkers raving mad across the countryside. Above and beyond all their grievances is the fact that the ore level is fine locally, although they can't escape their no win situation due to the ludicrously high murder rate of miners by bands of people with "nothin' better t'do" .

"We kin't fend ourselves aginst th' murderin' pigs who gank us while we mine th' local range. We kin't even feed our families, fine them who haf them ennyway. Fo' all who be hankerin' t'git back at all them non-miners who haf been hackin' us t'bits, join us witcher noobie at th' Brit Wess Bank this hyar Sat at 8pm PST. Brin' yer pickaxe an' dress in red boyo."

Posted by Thellaren at December 6, 2000 2:31 AM

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