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December 12, 2000

Mendur's Mad Cow Quest

Ursula posted these information regarding Mendur Marris (a Seer's character) on the Golden Brew message board:

Mendur's Mad Cow Quest
Last night Mendur Marris showed up during Petrus' party and explained that the people of Cove, Felucca were having a problem with the cows in the area being affected with an odd disease.

He told us that all the cows were also attracting all sorts of monsters that threatened Cove. We raced off for Cove and immediately began attacking the diseased cows. Suddenly an Ogre Lord of surprising strength appeared. Luckily the guards of Cove acted quickly and he died to their blades.

Then a green cow appeared! People who attempted t o attack it were immediately stricken with the same sickness that had effected the poor animal. Athena, sensing that swords and magic might not be the best way to deal with the situation, implored the crowd to stop attacking the sick animal. As we stood watching, the sickly cow became healthy right before our eyes. He began frolicking through the woods and dug up gold and treasure maps. He then dashed off into the forest, happily flicking his tail behind him.

We then all went back to the Golden Brew to tell Mendur about our adventure. After our story Mendur said his good-byes as he plans on vacation in Nu'Jhelom for about a month.

Warriors fighting the mad cow

The cow is cured!

The party telling of it's adventure

Posted by Keith at December 12, 2000 6:30 PM

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