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December 10, 2000

Mad Miners Repulsed by Graveyard Thugs (Felucca)

Infuriated miners bore down on the Britain Cemetary last night, ignoring the faction melees taking place in the city around them. Dressed in blood red colors, wielding torches, and bearing pickaxes, the mob swarmed into the area around the Britain graveyard, with one purpose. They sought to eradicate those they knew would be preying on innocents in the area. For a few hours they valiently hurled themselves at the heavily armored bandits in the area, but it did little good. The miners were too resource poor and inexperienced to launch much of a cohesive attack.

Eventually the mad miners recalled their attack and were unwillingly forced back to their hovels, defeated and with broken spirits. When asked what was in their future, this is what was said:

"Now we is stuck in Felucca until we die fum malv-o-nourismint o' until we strike a o'e vein an' hit it rich. As fo' future assaults, ah's not so sho'nuff. Mebbe we will try a diffrunt area next time."

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at December 10, 2000 4:12 PM

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