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December 2, 2000

LoD Returns to Baja

No, you didnt read it wrong. LoD has come back to Baja after the recent reinstatement of the majority of our accounts, and the coming of Factions. LoD hasn't left Siege for good, its more viewed as a PK'ing oppertunity while Baja will be used for Factions.

Shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, who could think of faction wars without LoD in them. Factions are looking even better than most had hoped, with some features that bring it closer to games like Shadowbane . Towns actually serve a purpose now, controlling them is the only way to make the best items, which in turn makes PvP'ing actually have a purpose other than board flaming rights. Finally OSI has made an update that Improves the PvP community instead of destroying it so others can bake bread.

Baja is honestly quite sad ... The top 4 guilds memberwise on Baja have a combined 0 !??! wars between them. How sad is that? The only time they actually get their asses to declare war and fight is for easy guilds like M&D. And they expect to join factions and all of sudden be good at PvP? I dont think so, gm Cooks. Ill be sure to update as LoD takes over Baja once again, i look forward to watching them do it.

Obidiah Khan

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at December 2, 2000 7:05 PM

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