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December 21, 2000

Interview with Gordon “Tyrant” Walton

This was posted recently to UOVault, sent in by Balberith:


UO Deutschland (UOD) is proud to present an interview taken at the UO:TD press event on December 18th with Executive Producer and Vice President for Online Services, Gordon "Tyrant" Walton about "Ultima Online: The Third Dawn".

The interview is available in English and German as well. Additionally there are two MPEG movies covering parts of the interview (the third part was broken after recording and we didn't want to repeat the whole thing - Tyrant looked quite beat *g*).

Point your browser to:
www.uod.de (that's the main site)
www.uod.de/spieltips/thirddawn/interview_tyrant.html (German text of the interview)
www.uod.de/spieltips/thirddawn/interview_tyrant_eng.html (English text of the interview)

You will find the links to the MPEG on the interview sites.

Viele Gruesse,
Best Regards,

Michael Werner
Webmaster UO Deutschland


One thing that stood out to me, having met Lord British within UO, was this tidbit from the interview:
UOD: Here’s one that’s a little bit away from UO:TD: Will Lord British ever show up again since Richard Garriot is no longer working for Origin?

Tyrant: I don’t know what you mean by show up… will someone play Lord British? No.
Looks like more chances of me running into LB at the Golden Brew. :(

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at December 21, 2000 6:58 PM

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