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December 23, 2000

Imanewbie: New Special Christmas Toon! (Part 2)

The following announcement was posted at Imanewbie:

New Special Christmas Toon! (Part 2): Santa's Revenge!

Last week Santa Claus suffered a serious setback to his plan to distribute presents to all the citizens of Britannia, due to the unwanted attention he received from the diabolical GM Grinch. Now as you all know, ImaNewbie is kind of a champion of the underdog so I just could not let it end there. This week ImaNewbie meets up with Santa and tries to help him replace his lost items. (hrmmm ... something familiar about that phrase ... Oh Yeah! GM standard reply #116 "Sorry but we cannot replace lost items." Anyway, you will find the latest in the 'toons section of ImaNewbie does Britannia. Enjoy!

Posted by Nobody at December 23, 2000 11:33 AM

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