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December 2, 2000

Hired by Flenniel Loak & Meeting Thurston

Let me start of by introducin myself. I am Lady Ashli, sister to Anvil, and Master of Merchants to the Village of Shadowlight. *curtsies*

Being a merchant I nae see or do many things that most would find exciting. Less of course taken yer axe to every tree ye see is exciting to ye. *giggles*.

By the by, I stopped in to tell ye what adventure found me yester eve, as after I told Anvil he said the folk at Golden Brew would be interested to hear this.

It started off, with me making furniture for a person that just moved in to Shadowlight. I went to the Village hall to gather some things and I heard a horse nearby. I nae thought much of it, till I heard the door open downstairs. I went down to see who was a bout and there, on his horse sat a strapping older man. Nae a bad looker if I may say so *giggles*. But I digress, he introduced him self as Flenniel Loak, a merchant.

He looked me up and down and could tell, i'm only assuming because of my rather musular arms for a a lady, that I too was a merchant. Folk from around the village soon gathered round.

Sir Loak then told us that the person who has been sending the attacks upon him has now began to attack his hired merchants that he has doing business for him. Because of this he has been working him self to death.

He asked a favor. He wanted me, with guards (Blade, Grand Mystic, Rariel, Asmodean, Greymalkin, and Bjarne) to go to the Empathy Abby and purchase some very fine Wine. He told me that he would give me 10,000 for this purchase, but I should of course get a better deal if possible.

So I with the protection of my guards went to the Yew Empathy Abby to meet the monk, Virgil. Virgil was nae an easy person to do business with. He started off asking 20,000 for the 40 bottles of wine! After a very long negotiation and quick thinking on my part I worked him down to 9,200 for the wine. I had just gotten Flenniel the wine for less then he was expecting!

Our task was not yet over though, as we now had to take this fine wine, and go to the lands ruled by Minax, and sell them at 'The Peg Leg' in Bucaneers Den. We soon arived by a mystical gate that Flenniel conjured for us. We were on the shoreline on the far South side of Bucaneer Isle. The Peg Leg, was to the far north. We began walking, my guards ahead of me to make sure our merchandise reached it's destination.

As we walked through the woods, we were attacked, much like Flenniel's other merchants. Elementals began attacking my guards, they hide me from the attacker with a magic cloaking spell, and quickly made the path safe for me again. But nae for long. My guards fought thier way to the streets of Bucaneer's Den. Where they wre accosted by a very strong Blood Elemental. After a long battle, and many near death experiences, the fiend fell to thier might.

We were once again on our way to the Peg Leg, where we met Burl, a rather crude, and seemingly dishonorable man. After using many... *blushes* tactics that only a female can on a man, I raised what he was willing to by the wine for to 17,500. I quickly accepted the offer, as I had pushed this sale in ways I have never pushed any other. But I have just made Flenniel a profit of 8,300 gold.

We soon were on our way back to the mystical gate summoned by Flenniel. As we gathered around the gate a mage appeared behind us. And began to bark out threats.

"He entered with a dark frown, and yelled that we had destroyed most of the chosen but that we will not win so easily, called us ungifted peasants and began to summon many evil brothern. After those evils were gone my gaurds took thier might to Thurston and attacked. With the attack on himself, he yelled out that the Order of the Arcane light shall see our kind erased, and that they were being paid to do thier duty, which made it only sweeter. With that he summoned more elementals, and recalled from us."

The guards dispatched of the elementals, and we were were once again, back at the Tavern of the Virtues, awaiting Sir Loak to tell him how we fared. After discussing business Sir Loak divided the profit I had made amongst myself and my guards.

We told him of Thurston and the Order of the Archane Light, but like us he had never heard of him, nor this Order he spoke of.

After some light conversation and Flenniel teling us of Mendur and Aireen's trip to Nujelm, and that he may be joining them depending on business, he was off.

We all went back to our business, but each pondering to themselves, of Thurston, and the Order of the Arcane Light.


Posted by Thellaren at December 2, 2000 6:43 PM

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