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December 12, 2000

Flenniel's Feather Quest

The following information was gathered concerning (Seer character) Flenniel Loak and his quest for feathers.

Ursula's comments were from the Golden Brew message board:

Flenniel's Feather Quest
I was unable to stay for the whole thing, so someone will have to finish it up for me.

Last night at the AoV Tavern Flenniel Loak arrived. He told us that lower Skara Brae had been overrun with chickens. He needed a group of people to go there and gather as many feathers they could, then go to Yew where a bowyer would make arrows. From there the group was to go to Vesper, Felucca to sell the arrows.

We all agreed to help out Flenniel and set out to Skara Brae. After collecting about 8600 feathers we went off to Yew where the bowyer made us arrows.

After that point, I was not around, but here are the photos I did take

Flenniel at the AoV Tavern

Arriving at Skara Brae

The aftermath

Twithead continued on with his telling of the night's activities on the Savage Truth Public Message Board:
Me be try be remember... *thinks hard*

Me be remember we be take alla them feathers be plucked from chickens and we be go to bow shop. We went to one in Yew town square and we be all crowd in there, waiting for bowyer be show up. We wait and we wait and we wait. Then we waited some more... Teeheehee!

Then, someone be say what about bowshop to south? Doh! There be another bowshop? *giggles* So we be make giant horsey parade down down down to other bowshop, and there be nice bowyer person be want our feathers! Him be ask how many feathers we be have and someone be said 8000! Me fainted at that point and not know what be happen until someone be start talking about working hard for be chop boards. At that point, me run outta there fast fast!

*nods* Me hop on me horsey and run off. Me run and me run and me run... until me got to bank. Then me be took out 300 boards from one o' ST wood chop trips and be gate back to shop... It be hard work be try drag boards into shop! Me not strong and it be take forever! In all, me think we alla be got together enough for 2000 arrows?

Then we be go back to Shadowlight where me thought we be have chance sit back and drink some ale after alla hard work... But Joye no be have any ale, just spring water and cider. Me bought some water, thinking it be orc liquor. *sighs* Then we be see him who be hire us all do be all him running around. Me not catch him name, but it be somethink like Foak or Loak or Soak? Me terrible with names, waah! Well, him tell us be make off with arrows be sell them in Vesper on Felucca facet. Felucca! *shivers* Me be get very very bad feeling at this point.

So, him be make facet gate to Felucca, but for some reason, we not be use this one. Instead, him make moongate to crossroads outside o' Vesper near Covetous. And then him make facet moongate from there to Felucca. Whee! Me like take gates, them be fun when me go whoosh!

We be arrive at crossroad on Felucca facet, but alas, Ashli who be carrying alla our arrows be stunned by alla gate travel. We be defend ourselves against alla these wicked mean nasty bad evil mages and them elementals which be come up and try eat us! Then big ugly green poison elemental be come up and scared me bad! Me run around in circles like chicken slapped silly! But it not be touch me, and me be afraid be touch it! After a lot o' noise and confusion and fighting and slapping and spells flying all 'round, we be victorious! Yaaah!!

We be wait for Ashli be recover and head to bowshop. There, nice shopkeep be thank us, and pay nice sum for them arrows. One o' the other nice shopkeep in there be gimme some gold cuz them be feel sorry for me. *grins* Them be sooo nice. We be open up trade route between Yew on Trammel side and Vesper on Felucca facet. It be great!

So, we be all go back to crossroad and be take facet moongate back to Trammel. Then we be go through that moongate back to Shadowlight tavern. Me felt like rejoicing and me go in and buy big jug o' cider. Me be take a few sips when that trader guy be come back and him be talk with us who be gone on trade mission. That cider be quite potent and me be *hic* alla time so me not hear all what be said. But me be understand him be happy with Athena and Ashli for be help him. And him be thank alla those who be helped out. Me be even got part o' the profit... around 1500 gold pieces! Teeheehee! You be know how long it be take be beg for that kinda money?! Me rich, rich!

*smiles happily*

But next time, me not think me be drink that cider. It be too strong for poor Twit.

Ashli of Shadowlight posted a final concern:
Just filling in a few blanks

Between Twit and Ursula that was just about everything :)

Only other thing was it seems Thurston took Athena from us for a few brief seconds. When she returned she was wearing a robe much like his own.

She wouldn't tell us what he said... guess we'll have to keep an eye on her.. and wait for Thurston to appear again.


Posted by Keith at December 12, 2000 6:46 PM

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