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December 18, 2000

Faction News (Felucca)

The following newsbits were recently published to UO Journal:

The CoM attacks Minax's Stronghold

Saturday night the CoM attacked and held Minax's Stronghold for over 3 hours. The CoM overwhelmed the defenders of the Stronghold with minimal causalities. Many of Minax's faction members were killed. The CoM held the Stronghold against multiple small Minaxian and Shadowlords attacks. In the end it took the combined forces of Minax and the Shadowlords to overcome the large CoM force. The attack and occupation of Minax's Stronghold shows that the CoM forces are getting organized and can succeed against Minax.

Minaxians Retake Stronghold

Minaxians regrouped in Moonglow while the Shadowlords attempted to draw the CoM members out of the Stronghold. Minaxians attacked the CoM members in force around 11:30. One Minaxian force attacked CoM members on the northern ramparts. A few moments later another force attacked the front gate with an elite unit of mages and warriors. The mages dispelled the energy fields and poison fields placed at the front gate by CoM members.

The killing blow to the CoM forces was the introduction of a Faction Town Guard into the battle. The guard took out the inter-court defensive force and that is the moment the Stronghold started to fall. Low on regeants and potions the CoM force soon succumbed to the Minaxian onslaught.

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Posted by Thellaren at December 18, 2000 12:48 AM

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