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December 6, 2000

Events of Yestereve

The events that happened yester eve were very hard to follow. We were very out numbered and this caused for a bit of chaos. Together though, Anvil and Asmodean have put thier heads together to come up with this recollection of events.

Mendur was at the brew early on in the night, and we talked to him about various things, including him, his daughter and Flenniel leaving for Nujelm. Nothing of real interest happened at the Brew although Athena, a Gypsy Queen who lives in Shadowlight was working spells on the dirt of a plant and producing gems and other such things. Mendur commented on the language that he had heard the accent before and said he couldn't quite put a finger on what it was as it was "very old". So thats about all that happened at the Brew and after Mendur left we took our leave back to Shadowlight. And boy were we in for the shock and fight of our lives!!!

When we got back to the tavern there were elementals of all kinds and their evil mage companions attacking the tavern, we quickly dispatched the first bunch but then a mystical purple gate opened and many more eles and mages poured through and in great numbers too. We were hard pressed to fend off this second wave of attackers but when we did manage to supress this attack we decided to venture into the gate. We found that this gate lead to the Felucca facet and low and behold there were ten times more eles and mages than that had attacked us before. They must have been preparing for the final attack, one that would have left us dead for sure. However, we were in luck as we quickly attacked the unsuspecting elementals and were able to elimante the threat in Felucca as well. But when we thought all was safe, a talkative blood elemental appeared who could summon others of his kin (water, fire, air eles). We wore the blood ele down and killed all his forces. When we were close to victory the blood ran off and then came someone we had met just nights pervious, Thurston!!

We fought with Thurston as he kept on summoning forces, we soon discerned that Thurston and the blood element were one in the same. He kept on proclaiming that those not born with the magics in thier blood were ungifted. That he was gifted and all ungifted shall die. He then summoned great powers and changed into a dragon! Quickly after he changed back into a blood ele as if the dragon form could not be held for very long. We fought this version of Thurston and then, he began to summon the powers of old, as soon as he did he spotted Athena and paused for a moment to glance at her. He informed her that she was gifted, and yet she fought others of her kind, speaking of himself and his fellow mages. He stated that she must go with him and join the Arcane Order of the Light, as we were not worth of her. We all told her NO, dont' join this evil man but she had other ideas and made Thurston promise that the attacks on Shadowlight would cease if she joined the Order. He agreed and proclaimed it was fate that the gifted shall rule the world, and in it's rule all ungifited shall die so that the gifted may be freed! He also noticed a women named Calysto and also said that she had the gift and should join the Order. She seemed rather confused and rattled at hearing this and took her leave. Thurston then went and we journeyed back to the village and the tavern to drink the hurt in our bodies away.

We were in the tavern discussing the events of the eve when Flenniel Loak showed up. We told him of what happened and he replied that he thought it was his fault because the Order of the Arcane Light wants his head. We told him that it was not his fault as people like us will always fight wrong and evil wherever we see it.

Flenniel warned Athena to think before she acts and joines the Order of the Arcane light. We hope she does heed his warning. Nae much of anything else happened, we spoke business with Flenniel for a while, informing him of Shadowlight upcoming trade ventures and thanked him for his inspiration and shared knowledge.

Anvil & Asmodean, AoV

Posted by Thellaren at December 6, 2000 9:22 PM

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