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December 20, 2000

Dragon Information

Here's some background again on this Wyrm searching for books story. I found it in the archives here. I posted this on Oct 24th. It was an update then to match activity in October. Seems we can add this to the BNN story and put together a picture of what the brothers want the books for.

My theory is that this book will tell us either how to communicate with this animal Jortis has told his secrets to, or tell us where this animal can be found. Jortis being the ArchSorcerer who was in possession of a staff that could destroy one of the brothers. The location of the staff is unknown now and it seems the brothers are very anxious to get ahold of it.

Here is what I pulled from the Oct 24th issue of The Freeborn Press:

In July I reported this story about The Warring Brothers:

Last night at The Golden Brew a few of us were sitting around visiting when Meredith showed up at the door. We noticed right away that something was different about her… she wasn’t wearing her famed drake skin armor. I had thought it was her new summer fashion, but she quickly told us of how she had been walking through the woods when a dragon scooped her up. She said she has lost consciousness during the flight and woke up in a web, supposedly held until the dragon was ready to make her a meal. Luckily she was able to slide out of her armor and escape to freedom. She had come to the pub hoping to gather some warriors to go to the lair of the dragon and retrieve her armor. Blind Hawk, Rieko, Kita and I quickly agreed to help, and I sent out pigeons to all I knew. I raced to Skara Brae to claim my horse and met up with members of tDw who readily agreed to join us. We were to meet at the Shrine of Justice and prepare to be gated to the den of this dragon.

As we waited for others to gather at the Shrine, something seemed amiss. Crimson Hellkite noticed it first… Meredith didn’t seem herself. She was anxious for a battle, and had a bit more blood lust than the Meredith we know. I wrote it off to her anger of being captured. When Dane Alexander arrived and gave Meredith a big slobbery kiss he didn’t get the normal reaction, so really started to suspect something. Then the legendary Benedict showed up. Benedict is the paladin from Meredith’s story of how she got her armors…how Benedict had given it to her. This Meredith made a slip though and mentioned that Benedict had made her armor. Suddenly we knew something was very wrong. We played along though to see what was going on.

Once everyone was ready, Meredith gated us to a location near Destard; we marched to the entrance of a cave where we could see that Methos was already in battle with several air and fire elementals. I quickly took a look inside the cave and saw another Meredith standing by a red dragon! The Meredith inside wore the drake skin armor and stood calmly at the side of the red dragon. The Meredith who had brought us there, began casting spells and shouting for us to kill the dragon and the imposter. Benedict commented how it was odd that Meredith suddenly knew so much magic as to cast such powerful spells. I knew then that we were being lead by the imposter. I quickly ran inside the cave and stood next to the real Meredith. I shouted at the warriors not to kill the dragon or Meredith, that we were being led by a fake.

Suddenly the fake Meredith turned into a white dragon and we knew something terrible was a foot. The two dragons began warring as more fire and air elementals appeared. We all bravely fought the elementals until they were no more. Suddenly the white dragon flew from the cave and disappeared and the red dragon disappeared before our eyes.

Meredith was relieved to see us and glad to be saved from the dragon. She suggested we head back to The Golden Brew where she would tell the tale of how she became a captive of the dragon in the cave.

Tucked safely inside the pub, Meredith began her tale of The Warring Brothers. I don’t have the exact story written down as I was busy handing out ale and such, but I think I have the basics.

The two twin brothers Arakhan (who was the red dragon) and Kemarok (the white dragon) grew up a time when humans thought that magic was evil and shunned it. But dragons never scorn any means to power, and so they grew strong in their magic. As they grew older, a fierce rivalry grew between them. One mastered the elements of earth and sea, and the other the elements of fire and air. Each wished devoutly to become the most powerful and each, thinking that their mother loved them best, went to her and asked her how he could defeat his brother. To each she told the same thing... "Only one of you will triumph, and the other will fall. And although I cannot see how it will come to be, the one who falls will fall to power of the staff of Jortis the ArchSorcerer." She knew nothing more about the staff or how this would come to be. So they went their separate ways, each searching desperately for information on the staff, so that they could use it against the other to bring about his downfall. Each hid from the other, fearing that the other might steal what little knowledge they could find about the staff and use it against them. And since there was little to be found about they both hid more and more from the other, jealously protecting their knowledge... and so faded into obscurity and myth.

The story ended there and Meredith explained that she had been looking for information on the staff herself. She gathered that the brothers had gotten wind of her search and hoped she might have knowledge of the location of the staff. Arakhan had found Meredith in the cave and had told her she could leave with her life, if she told him what she knew about the staff. Kemarok on the other hand decided to take this chance and thought he’d trick us warriors into killing his brother.

Arakhan and Kemarok have disappeared for now, and we know little of this Staff of Jortis, but of this I am sure… we have not seen the last of the warring brothers.
Below is the newer part of the story posted Oct. 24
A few weeks ago, Meredith, I think it was, was telling me how Jortis (and I hope I'm getting the basic details right) had befriended an animal of unknown species. Supposedly this animal would know all sorts of Jortis' secrets, but it is not known where the animal can be found.

Now last night Petrus was In Moonglow and a young scribe approached her for help. She said a scribe she was studying under found old book about animals and went to zoo to study some things, but there has been elemental activity in the area and she wanted us to go escort him back.

Petrus gathered some people together and went down to the zoo. They were attacked by tons of elementals, but then a red dragon showed up and demaded the book and called forth tons and tons of fire elementals on them. Eventually the dragon got fed up and left, but before he did he said that it probably wasn't the last they'd see of that dragon...

Petrus told me the book was something to the effect of the study of animal motions, to do with the way animals move, and the red dragon was not in the book. The scribe said it was simply an old tome, but he'd look at it further. When asked if she could copy the tome, he said it would be too dangerous for her to keep a copy, as the dragon might come after her.

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