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December 10, 2000

A Peace Request....

As many know over the past few weeks I have been in search of Death Seer and the tomes that he holds, I have even most recently offered a reward for the person that can bring me his head and the tomes. However, these tactics proved to be futile as most of the current population of Sosaria are now raised tward Lord British's virtues. And so, I now offer one last thing. I offer a peace, I wish to end these hostilities between the Tower and Dawn, if you can find it within your scheduele I wish to meet with ye, to discuss the terms of a treaty. I shall discuss the time and place with you later. And as of now the bounty on your head shall be disreguarded by all members of the Dark Tower. Anyone trying to take your head now shall be claimed as enemies of the tower.

Posted by Brenstar at December 10, 2000 7:47 PM

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