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December 6, 2000

A Christmas Celebration


"Faithful friends who are dear to us, gather near to us, once more!"

*smiles and begins*

The Village of Shadowlight would like to invite everyone to a Christmas Celebration, on Wednesday, December 13th, at 8pm PST.

Schedule of Events:

8-9pm PST, Santa will be at the Shadowlight Village Hall, waiting to hear yer Christmas Wish list. The Gyspy Queen Athena, may be present to read yer new year fortune. Athena may be needed elsewhere, but lets hope she is with us.

9:00pm PST, At the Tavern of the Virtues, Anvil, bless him for volunteering, will be humilating himself by attempting to sing a few lines of various Christmas Carols. Those that wish to participate will be givin a scroll, in which to write down the names of the Christmas Carols Anvil is singing. The person with the most right after 15 different lines are sang from different songs, will win:

1st place:  10k or Greater Cure Keg
2nd place:  Left over from 1st place
3rd place:  Choice of Santa's Reindeer, with the exception of Rudolph

(if there is a tie there will be 5 more songs to determin the winners)

After the "Name that Carol Contest" is over those participating will be givin yet another scroll. These scrolls will contain different sections of Santa's list for this Christmas. It will be up to ye to be the first to return with what Santa needs or as much as they can within one hour, will get his undying gratitude, and:

1st place:  25k or Deadly Poison Keg
2nd place:  Prize left over from 1st place
3rd place:  Choice of Santa's Reindeer, with the exception of Rudolph

Runes are available at the Golden Brew, Ring of Steel Tower in Heaven's Forge, AoV Fairhaven Embassy, and if ye are still in need of a rune or would like one for yer establishment please contact Anvil at 29201502, as the pigeon flys.

Look forward to seeing ye there, and Happy Holidays from Shadowlight!

Ashli of Shadowlight

Shadowlight Historical Documents

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at December 6, 2000 5:03 PM

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