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November 6, 2000

Tribute to all Guild Masters from RoR

In the lands of Britannia with its many people, several have chosen to live within certain groups or guilds. This choice brings several opportunities and responsibilities but in large part the responsibilities fall to the select few who would lead such groups (the Guild Masters).

The men and women who carry the mantle of leadership here face a burden from which most would shrink. Some fail, most get by and a very few take their guild to the peaks of success. In every case however these folk do outstanding work in our community and deserve our deepest bows and gratitude.

With the variety of age, experience, maturity and goals our citizens possess, leading such a group and maintaining a common purpose is a daunting task. To this must be added the drain such an effort takes on a Guild Master's own time and enjoyment for life in this land.

We who have been here a while, see guilds come and go. We watch the UO records of such things and see guilds grow and shrink or disappear. For the most part nothing much is thought about it except for the folk in individual guilds appreciation of their own situation. There are exceptions and one in particular is worthy of note.

The Rangers of the Realm (RoR) began a short time ago (about a year). Under the leadership of Adian O’Rourke a small band of four found a common purpose and a friendship was formed. This friendship and purpose became infectious and good folk were soon attracted to the group.

It was amazing to watch as RoR climbed steadily through the ranks to become Baja’s largest guild. This was possible solely through the steadfast efforts of Adian O’Rourke and holding to standards that were fair and clearly stated.

Everyone who became a member of RoR was made to feel special. The spirit of “family” ran high. Loyalty and trust within the group could maybe be matched but never surpassed.

The Rangers of the Realm had purpose and a storyline with goals but hidden in the layers of this was the realization that friendships formed here were tangible and the true prize.

We are unable to imagine the hours each day that Adian exhausted for the good of RoR. Never did a member find himself in trouble that Adian would not appear to save the day. Never did a member falter without Adian’s hand appearing to hold him up again. Never did we wonder who we were, where we were going or how it would be accomplished.

Adian O’Rourke is a magnificent person. He would be the last to accept this and that is part of his greatness. He has taken down the RoR stone now that has RoR achieved its purpose and we applaud him greatly. Through him we can appreciate the task of all Guild Masters in the land.

The Rangers of the Realm (RoR) are now gone (Vanished into the night) yet their is little sadness within the folk of RoR. The spirit that Adian brought to us and shared is a thing we hold dear. It is self sustaining and will surely spread as we go our separate ways.

Some of us will form guilds and others will find new families. In all of this the work of one great Guild Master will prevail to grow in other families. None of us will ever again accept less and all will strive for more or as grand.

Tributes to RoR have found their way onto the RoR board from respected guilds throughout the land. They too have been influenced in many ways by the example of RoR. We wish greatness to them all and offer our highest praise to the men and women who will lead them on their way.

From RoR, one last battle cry - RAWRR!

[I am sad to hear about this latest news, but want to congratulate you Rangers on all you've accomplished. -Nobody]

Posted by Nobody at November 6, 2000 12:28 AM

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