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November 30, 2000

The Tomes of the Dark Tower

Earlier this eve, the tower held a meeting to all its members. A meeting in which they would decide the very fate of much of the tower. Sauron had been put in charge of the meeting and told us of something of much importance. He told of a voice that had contacted him in his dreams. This voice spoke of the ancient tomes that our master had left behind when he died. It told of how the tomes had been scattered across the land upon his death, and how the master could be revived using these tomes. When the master awakens he will then open a gate to another realm. But there is a catch, the spell to resurrect the master also requires a man. It did not tell of who he is, however some suspect it to be the wizard which was the leader of the Yew resistance so long ago, but it is not known for sure. The tower was amazed at this news. Their master could return to lead them into a new age. But what of the tomes? Although the location of each one is not known for sure, there is a vague notion of where to look. After the meeting was ended the tower set out on a short journey to look for the tomes, searching from Dawn to the Mage tower they turned up nothing. No sign of the tomes anywhere, but they had forgotten that a member of Dawn, Death Seer, had found one of the tomes. Returning to the tower they were amazed to find Death Seer and his companion Knights of Dawn in front of the tower. They told Death Seer that they were in need of the tomes, but he refused to give it to them. They argued and fought until the Knights of Dawn got tired and left. But the people of the Dark Tower will not give up so easily. You cannot deny us the resurrection of our master. Na-Krul will live again! And we will have our tomes. Whether it means war or perhaps a bargain, Dawn will soon see that the Dark Tower doesn't take no as an answer.

Posted by Brenstar at November 30, 2000 12:44 AM

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