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November 17, 2000

The quest to save Lord Reuben

I read the following exciting Seer's Quest news from Beaker on the Golden Brew message board:

The quest to save Lord Reuben

(this was a late night quest that someone did and I went to. sorry no pics. :( )

I was in Britian lastnight selling some goods. An axe over here, some armor over there when the town crier called out "Lord Reuben has been taken to the mage tower in Fire." Now I have gone to fire many times, and as a Golden Knight I must help those in need so I recalled to the place they call Fire. Inside many have fallen and most did not know where to go. Me and a man named Kazon took the lead. Kazon was a warrior with a big axe, and I had my old longsword and knew where to go.

We battle all the way down to the lowwer level of this place. Liches, Hellhounds and evil mages trying to kill us along the way. But with fast running and healing we made it to the mage tower. On the first floor many of the mages came at us, casting there spells but we showed that a blade can be a better tool in combat. After fighting are way we made it to the top floor and found Lord Reuben. Thing of it was water, fire and air Elementals where in wait. In somewhat of a move I got most of them to come after me. After traping them where they could not hurt my new found friends one who was not so dumb came after me.

After dieing a helpfull mage casted a resurrection spell. HA I was back and after healing myself I was back in the battle. Lord Reuben, Kazon and the rest of are party started to leave. Yet every door we opened more Elementals came after us. And when we got out more of those blasted mages, but we made it back up. We started to head to Papua, but again we had more Fire Elementals coming after us. Many where dead along the road but we would move a little and fight some more. After what felt like days we made it back to the town of Papua, for once I was glad to see that town and smell it too.

Lord Reuben thanked us for are help and gave all of us some old wands he found. And whent to look for a blacksmith. My new found friends thanked me for my help and after that we all left to go back to are homes.

(Sorry for no pics I was in a rush forgot to take some)

Posted by Keith at November 17, 2000 11:10 AM

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