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November 11, 2000

Thanksgiving Dinner for ALL!

The Alliance of Virtue and the Village of Shadowlight would like t' invite everyone t' Thanksgiving dinner!

We will be serving a three course meal on Sunday, November 19th at the AoV Tavern of Virtues, on the Trammel Facet. Dinner will be served between the hours of 5:00pm & 9:00pm, west coast time.

Thanksgiving is a time t' be thankful for the things we have. The AoV and Shadowlight have many a reason t' be thankful.. becuase of this, the meal will cost ye NOTHING. Tis' our way of saying thank ye t' the friends and allies we have, and t' those we hope t' have in the future. Those of ye that think ye have nothing t' be thankful for, ye will soon enough! The food will be better then ye can get at any pub in town!

Yer meal will consist of:

1st Course/Salad

Salad with Fall Squash Chutney Dressing
Various Breads

2nd Course/Main Entree

Mashed Potatoes
Choice of One Vegetable- Corn, Carrots, Cabbage.

3rd Course/Dessert

Pumpkin Pie



A pitcher o' any beverage will accompany yer meal. Additional beverages can be purchased at a minimal cost, just ask yer waiter/waitress.

Gates will be provided from North Britain Counselor Guild and Vesper Bank. Gates t'will begin at 5:45pm west coast time, and will be summoned at intervals all through-out the dinner. There are also runes at the Golden Brew and the Ring of Steel Tower. For a map t' the village and tavern, please visit the Shadowlight Historical Documents at http://shadowlight.wfsg.net and look at the 'area map'.

Can't wait t' see ye there!

Anvil, AoV
Mstr of Ceremony, HC

Posted by Nobody at November 11, 2000 7:38 PM

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