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November 11, 2000

OSI: Ultima Online: Third Dawn

I just read this official announcement about Ultima Online: Third Dawn on the Ultima Online web site:

Ultima Online: Third Dawn

Breaking news from the Ultima Online World Faire! Introducing Ultima Online: Third Dawn, a fresh new look for one of the most popular fantasy worlds of all time. With a vast and dangerous new land, new beasts and monsters, and the opportunity to view Britannia from an entirely new perspective, we think you'll find plenty of excitement in this newest incarnation of Ultima Online. Keep watch on the Ultima Online: Third Dawn website for news!
And, over at the official Ultima Online: Third Dawn (currently, anyway...you know how those OSI chaps like to change web addresses!), I read this:
“…and when the sun rose following morning, it was on a vivid new world. Light danced across the verdant treetops, the calls of bird and beast rang crisp and clear through the forests, and the entire village seemed brighter and more… alive. Rumors whispered of an aged traveler settled over a pint of ale at the inn, trading tales of mysterious creatures and exotic lands.

Overnight it seemed the world as I’d known it had forever changed.”

From the journals of Telwyn Harn, Apprentice Mage

Ultima Online: Third Dawn brings an entirely new dimension to the vast world of Britannia!

Combining over 700 motion captured animations and nearly 200 different character models, Ultima Online: Third Dawn will bring an entirely new look and feel to the familiar world of Britannia.
  • Explore a vast and dangerous new land,
  • Battle over a dozen new beasts and monsters,
  • Enjoy enhanced and improved music and sound effects,
  • Show off dazzling light displays with a new particle system for spell and magic effects,
  • Travel the entire world of Britannia, enjoying the depth of an enhanced lighting and shading system, and
  • Experience 3D-enhanced characters and monsters throughout all of Britannia.
  • Ultima Online: Third Dawn will bring the 3D experience to Ultima Online’s Britannia, providing a fresh new look for one of the most popular fantasy gaming worlds of all time.

    Are you with us?

    Posted by Nobody at November 11, 2000 3:01 AM

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