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November 8, 2000

OSI: Traceroutes and Technical Support

The following was just posted to FYI on the UO.com website:

Traceroutes and Technical Support

Ultima Online is an ever-changing game and from time to time you may experience technical difficulties that require helpful intervention. In most cases, these situations will require either contacting Technical Support, or sending us a traceroute of your connection to your regular game server. Sending the correct information through the correct channels greatly improves the speed at which we may address your technical issues.

Technical Support should be contacted when you are experiencing problems specifically with your game software, such as display problems, error messages, or inability to successfully install or run Ultima Online. Ultima Online Technical Support is available from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM CST daily at (804) 963-8577 (Press option #2 from main menu). You may also email technical support questions using the form located on our contacts page.

Occasionally, you may experience difficulties connecting or maintaining a connection to a server, or experience latency issues that cause your gameplay to be slower than normal. In these cases, we recommend that you review the troubleshooting suggestions at http://support.uo.com/tech_0.html. Should these suggestions fail to resolve your connection difficulties, we recommend sending a traceroute (a log tracing the path of information from your computer to the UO server) to uotrace@uo.com. We have available a small program, called UOTrace, that allows you to easily trace the routes to all of the Ultima Online servers. Once these traceroutes have been forwarded to us, our network team will analyze them for any significant issues that are within our control.

Posted by Nobody at November 8, 2000 5:29 PM

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