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November 29, 2000

OSI: In Concept Changes

The following was just posted to FYI on the UO.com website:

In Concept Changes

In Concept was introduced approximately a year ago as an area where players could offer suggestions and feedback on design ideas during their early stages. The player suggestions generated by this section of the UO.com website have been immensely valuable in shaping these design ideas before they have been implemented in Ultima Online.

In addition to In Concept, the UO.com Message Boards have provided an area for players to discuss and debate design issues, and have taken feedback a step further than In Concept. On the message boards, debate and discourse refine your suggestions and ideas and create something that is less aquestion/response situation and more of a common goal created by a community.

Because of this, we have closed the In Concept email address and have opened a section of our message boards dedicated to ideas that are currently appearing in In Concept. Each In Concept system will have its own thread where players and developers can share ideas in an open forum for all to see, rather than through e-mail.

To visit In Concept, click here.

Posted by Nobody at November 29, 2000 6:50 PM

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