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November 12, 2000

New Weekly Tournament for Baja

The following from Obao was posted on UOSS:

New Weekly Tournament for Baja

Together I, Obao, and my friend Savage Vamp, are hosting a weekly tournament. The event well be held every Saterday, 2 PM Est (11 AM Pst), on Savage's large tower roof. On the Felucca facet, Located at 123 29 n 86 24 e, about a 30 second run north of Minoc stables. The tower itself is named Nifty Little Shack.
Official tournament rules and regulations:

Tournament will held for 1 vs. 1 or group(s). No more than 3 per group. If you wish to participate in a group, you have to have your group chosen beforehand. With groups there may not be another group willing to fight of the same size, so no guarantees.

There will be a small fee of 1k per person to fight. Around 10% of the total will go to me for the use of my tower, random supplies and decorations. The rest will go back as prizes. Depending on the number of people who show up, the prize amount will vary, but will be approximately 60% to first place winners, and 40% to second place.

Looting will be decided by the people in the fight beforehand. If you don't want any looting to occur you must request it. If any member on either team decided upon no looting, neither team can loot.

Anything goes...well, almost anything. No pets allowed except a regular horse. No mares for fighting purposes, if you only have it to ride then mares will be permitted. All forms of PvP allowed. Bards, Assassins, mages, warriors, whatever you want to use. Bandages, potions (including explosion) may be used.

All forms of poison are legal, and no magic weapons or armor may be used. GM is top of the line. Any weapon style may be used.
There will be several vendors on top of tower selling cloth, bandies, potions, armor, weapons, and other combat related items.

123 29 n 86 24 e are the coordinates. Tower's name is Nifty Little Shack. It is located around 30 seconds north of Minoc stables. No reservations required. If lag gets to heavy from too many people watching, the tournament will be broken into 2 segments and half of the participants and people watching will have to leave. I will decide who leaves, and my decision is final. If you don't not get to watch or participate in the first event, you will see the second.

Not sure how I am going to keep the fighters from not giving murder counts. I will have a guild stone and hopefully guild the participants so that no count can be given.

Posted by Nobody at November 12, 2000 12:30 AM

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