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November 8, 2000

Mendur Marris' Daughter Missing

Last night Mendur Marris met with some people from Golden and Heaven's Forge. He had wanted to speak to us about trade routes, but quickly told us that his daughter, Aireen, had been kidnapped. He told us about how an ex clerk of his named, Paburt, had kidnapped her and he asked for our help to get her back. He told us that Paburt was often seen in Vesper (Felucca) at the pub there. We all agreed to help Mendur and gathered our group to head to Vesper.

Once we found the pub at Vesper we spoke with Tanya the barkeeper. After explaining our plight, she told us about a man who bragged about having an uncle that was the Fisherman's Guildmaster. She couldn't tell us anything more, so we searched for the Fisherman's Guildhouse in Vesper.

At the Guildhouse we met with Treben, who was the Guildmaster there. At first he claimed he didn't know anyone by the name of Paburt, but soon enough he admitted that Paburt was his nephew. He told us that Paburt felt he was being set up, that he hadn't done anything. Treben made us all pledge not to hurt Paburt for information on how to find him. After we all pledged to keep Paburt safe, Treben told us he was hiding at the graveyard outside of Vesper. We thanked Treben for the information and raced off to the graveyard.

Activity was high in the graveyard. We saw Paburt, but he was running around yelling for us to help him. All sort of undead began attacking us. Everything from zombies to lich lords, and even a bone knight that seemed to be particularly strong. Eventually we beat back the evil that had attacked us and were able to speak with Paburt.

Paburt told us he hadn't seen Aireen and he was rather upset about it. It explained that they often spoke (and actually gave us the impression they might be sweet on each other), and that their closeness upset Mendur. He also told us that Mendur had accused him of stealing some gold from the company, but he had not. We could tell by his distress that he was indeed telling us the truth. He then suggested we speak with a merchant by the name of Flenniel Loak. Unfortunately, Flenniel was out on business and wouldn't be back for a week. Paburt told us he'd get a message to Flenniel to meet us at the Golden Brew next Tuesday (11/14) at 7pm PST so we could speak to him. Paburt felt that Flenniel might know Aireen better than anyone, other than her fianc´┐Że, Eilis, who has passed away.

We escorted Paburt safely to Vesper, then made our way back to golden to speak with Mendur. We convinced him of Paburt's innocence and discussed other possible suspects. He explained that only Paburt had access to the money, but it seemed to us that actually other merchants might have the opportunity to get to the money. Also we were curious to hear more about his good friend Amon. Amon is very wealthy, and rather old. He also would love to marry Aireen. We asked Mendur if Amon could have had anything to do with the kidnapping, but he said there was no way that could be possible. It was late by that time, so we all said goodnight and agreed to meet next week.

Talking amongst ourselves however, many of us thing that Amon may not be as innocent as he seems. If Aireen has fallen for Paburt, perhaps Amon is jealous and trying to frame Paburt.

Hopefully next week we'll find out more information and discover who is behind this horrible crime.

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at November 8, 2000 10:46 AM

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