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November 15, 2000

Mendur Marris' Daughter Returned

Tonight many brave warriors and mages from Avalon, Dawn, Golden, Heaven's Forge and other towns gathered at The Golden Brew hoping to speak with Flenniel Loak. It was last week that Paburt had told us that Loak might know the whereabouts of Aireen, Mendur Marris' daughter.

Loak arrived at the Golden Brew and told us that he had heard the news of Aireen. He was very distressed as she was like a granddaughter to him. He thought she might be hiding out, worried that her father wanted to marry her off to his old friend, Amon. Loak told us how he often took her on trips, and he thought she might have gone to her favorite spot, which was located near the Yew Orc Fort in Felucca.

We quickly organized ourselves and traveled to the outpost by the Orc Fort. Immediately armies of orcs attacked us. We made our way to an abandoned ruin where we found a journal written by Aireen. It was to her fiancée, Eilis, who had passed away. She poured her heart out in her journal, but at the end wrote how she was afraid for her life for she had heard strange noises. She wrote she was going to hide, but we suspected foul play when we found traces of blood upon her written pages.

Impie reads Aireen's journal

Fighting off the orcsSeveral of the party decided we had better check out the Orc Fort, so we rode over in that direction. It quickly became obvious that we were on the right track when we ran up against waves of marauding orcs.

We fought the orcs outside the camp, but we could see our greatest challenge was to be once we made our way inside. Those of us on horseback could see just over the wall and saw Aireen being held captive in the top room of the fort. We could also see an orc mage of great power and an Orc Warrior with arms as large as tree trunks.

Several of our group bravely rushed in to save Aireen, but it became obvious that a plan was needed. We decided to concentrate on the mage and then work on the warrior. Finally the orcs were slain and Aireen was freed. We all gathered and returned the Brew to return Aireen to her father.

Safely back at the Golden BrewOnce at the pub, there was heated discussion between many of our group and Mendur. Mendur explained how he had gone to Paburt's home and had discovered millions of dollars hidden beneath some loose floorboards. It was suspicious to us however, that it was actually his friend Amon who had found the loosened boards. Once again we brought up the subject that Amon could possibly be behind this. Mendur had told us that Amon was a dealer in arms and armor and we pointed out that the orcs were very heavily armed. Still he would not accuse Amon of any crime until he had evidence.

Aireen grew weary of the debate and asked to be taken home. Mendur told us that he would take his daughter home, but return to the Golden Brew next Tuesday at 7pm PST. We're hoping that next week we'll get a chance to speak with Amon himself and see if we can clear this mystery up.

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