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November 24, 2000

Log of UOCC Chat with Tyrant posted

I read the following announcement on the UO House of Commons site:

Log of UOCC Chat with Tyrant posted

The complete log of the Twenty-first UO Celebrity chat with Tyrant has been posted, and is available from the right-hand menu.
Gordon Walton, a.k.a. "Tyrant", is Vice President of Online Services for OSI. Some general questions were asked about the future of UO, including some snippets about Factions and the new UO:3D client. Here's his quick summary of the upcoming goals of his team:
OSI_Tyrant - I'd like to close by talking about what we are up to in the near future.
OSI_Tyrant - We are getting Factions out to all servers, then Rewards.
OSI_Tyrant - Then the work to integrate UO:Third Dawn into the production servers.
OSI_Tyrant - Since you will be beta testing on your home shards (those of you that get the beta client).
OSI_Tyrant - We have all the feedback from the UO Faire to digest, decide on and prioritize.
OSI_Tyrant - While we continue to work on fixing a lot of the problems that the game has always had.
OSI_Tyrant - Along with the balancing of risk/reward and PvP you often ask for.
OSI_Tyrant - And the fixing of the economy and improvements to crafting.
Here's a quick snippet about the UO:3D beta test:
Soth - *C_JonSnow_Pac* How will we go about getting beta clients?
OSI_Tyrant - We will announce this in December. Watch your favorite web page (Stratics) and your email box
OSI_Tyrant - as we will be announcing this far and wide and emailing the players also.
OSI_Tyrant - You will be able to order it on the web for shipping and handling costs only ($4.95 in the USA).
OSI_Tyrant - And it will be patchable to the final version, so you don't need to get the final version.
OSI_Tyrant - So that is it, thanks folks.

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