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November 13, 2000

Kingom of Dawn Summoning Tournament and Recruitment Drive

The Order of the Crimson Staff within the Kingdom of Dawn invites all people interested in joining the Mage Faction of Dawn and Dawn in general to a tournament showcasing magery skills and the Kingdom. This will take place on Saturday December 2nd at 7pm pst. There will be some great prizes available and you might just find yourself a new home within our Kingdom.

Most of you know that there are various things you can summon within the magic system of UO, so I have decided to bring them all together in this Tournament.

Summon Food Contest
This one is for everyone, from Grandmaster Mage to the Apprentice.

Each Mage gets to cast 3 summon food spells, the best piece of food out of all cast will be the one that counts towards the Mages score, for example...
Mage One gets a ham, a loaf, and a apple
the ham will be the mages entry.

In the event of a tie, there will be a cast off, the winner will be the mage that casts the best piece last.

There is more luck than skill in this event, as summon food is a basic level one spell.

  • 100 of each reagent
  • 10k
  • Mystery Prize
Summon Creature
As the first one, this contest is fairly open because the skill level required is still relatively low.

Each Mage casts the spell Summon Creature. The first successful cast is the creature that the mage must use in the contest, be it a chicken or a polar bear. Mages will be paired up randomly before the casting begins, and advance or be eliminated as the contest proceeds.

Once each Mage has his creature and renamed it, they will fight to the death the winner will advance and the loser will be eliminated.

In the event of a tie, the last round will simply be replayed.

Once again there is more luck than skill in this contest as the spell is random.

  • 100 of each reagent
  • 10kMystery Prize
Summon Elemental Contest
This contest is for the advanced mage, since the spells required are all very high leveled.

Each Mage before the contest begins fills in a book, (supplied) and lists the Elementals in the order the Mage intends to cast them. Once the order is handed in to the judge, it CANNOT be changed for ANY reason. This is to prevent everyone summoning a Fire Elemental and ignoring the rest.

Each Elemental can be summoned ONCE, and you are paired up randomly to fight. An example of this is.....

Mage 1 - chooses - Fire, Water, Air, Earth.

Mage 2 - Chooses - Water, Air, Fire, Earth.

Mage 3 - Chooses - Air, Water, Earth, Fire.

Mage 4 - Chooses - Earth, Water, Fire, Air.

In the first round Mage 1 is paired up with Mage 4, Fire vs Earth, winner advances.
In the first round Mage 2 is paired up with Mage 3, Water vs Air, winner advances.

In the second round Mage 1 is paired up with Mage 2, Water vs Air, winner advances
In the second round Mage 3 is paired up with Mage 4, Water vs Water, winner advances.

And so on, until we have a ultimate winner.

  • 150 of each reagent
  • 15k
  • Mystery Prize
Summon Daemon Contest
This contest is for the GM Mage, as you will need all your power to win this.

Each Mage is paired up before the contest in a random drawing. One Mage is choosen from the pair to cast first (doesn't matter who goes first), Mage One summons a Daemon then leaves the ring. Mage Two then has to fight the Daemon to the death. This is a race against the clock, if the Daemon wins that Mage is eliminated, if the Mage wins his time is recorded and the winner of each match advances to the 2nd round, the winner is the Mage that kills the Daemon the fastest in the last round.

In the event of a tie, the last round will be replayed.

  • 200 of each reagent
  • 20k
  • Mystery Prize
  1. Judges decision is final and no discussion or protests will be listened too.
  2. Prizes are not negioatable or transferable for cash.
  3. OCS reserves the right to modify the prizes as we see fit.
  4. In each contest each Mage has 3 chances to cast the appropirate spell, if all 3 casts fail that Mage is automatically disqualified from that contest.
  5. All reagents needed must be supplied by the competitor.
  6. All packs will be snooped before the Summon Food Contest, so do not bring any food with you. All food carried will have to be surrendered before the contest begins.
  7. In the Summon Daemon Contest, the spell Dispel is prohibited.
This tournament will be held in the Kingdom of Dawn, player run town on the Felucca facet, just East of the Dungeon Wrong. Gates will be provided from Britain near the East Bank, Vesper near the Bank and Occlo near the bank all on the Felucca facet. There will also be a representive near the West bank in Britain on Trammel to bring people across.

Please visit our website at -

Any questions can be sent to vixen@kingdomofdawn.com

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at November 13, 2000 1:41 AM

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