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November 28, 2000

Here Ye... Here Ye... An Official Announcement

The following announcement was posted by Blind Hawk "the Wordman" to the Avalon Public Forum:

Here Ye... Here Ye... An Official Announcement
We Interrupt your Regularly Scheduled Program for a Special Announcement. At 6:00 O'Clock P.M (PDT) at the Events tower of Avalon will be held a Special Induction Ceremony. One of Our Most Hailed and Beloved Citizens Blade (The Sword of Avalon) Previously... :)> Will be Inducted into the Hall Honor as the New Prime Minister of Avalon.
Come one Come all...
Share the Joy and Bring your Best Wishes to Our New Prime Minister. He has Worked Hard for Our Fair City and We Know He will serve well.
So Bring you Friends, Your Dragons, Your Pets and your Best Sword and Shield, Harp, Poison Katana, and Remember...
This is a Special Ceremony! Any Injustice will be dealt with Swiftly and Drastic Measures will be taken to Anyone Found to Be Killing, PKing, Looting, or Peeing in the Pool
We Now return you to your Regularly Scheduled Programming.
Hope to See ya there...
BH the PR Dude...
BlindHawk (Son of Avalon CoA)

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