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November 20, 2000

Goings-on in Shadowlight

Mirabel posted the following account on the Heaven's Forge message board, here:

Goings-on in Shadowlight

An uneventful evening became much more lively as I answered the call of Grand Mystic and our friends of the Village of Shadowlight... Seems Thanksgiving Dinner was interrupted by Flenniel Loak and an entourage of unwelcome elemental visitors.

As near as I can tell, Flenniel apparently had merely intended to join the citizens of Shadowlight for dinner, but was waylaid by these creatures. Many brave warriors fought for quite some time to clear the woods of the invaders. I arrived in the middle of the battle, just as the elementals and their mage handlers were gating in reinforcements.

Flenniel appeared to think this was an attempt on his life. He was reluctant to, or perhaps truly couldn't, name who might be responsible, although he did mention the mystery of Mendur's daughter's disappearance and his hand in helping find her as a possible cause. Maybe some of this can all be cleared up this week at the [Golden] Brew when we meet with Mendur Marris again.

Anvil will publish his accounting of the past day's events on both the Shadowlight and AoV boards tomorrow, follow links below. Please take a gander!


What manner of sorcery is this??!

[More images of the event can be seen in the original post, or on our message board, here]

Posted by Keith at November 20, 2000 1:02 AM

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