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November 16, 2000

Gateway of Avalon is Rebuilt

Hazard, our own Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Freeborn Press, asked me to show off his latest version of the Gateway of Avalon.

Avalon is located on the large peninsula west of the Dungeon Wrong, on the Felucca facet. The Gateway signifies the easternmost edge of the so-called City of Destiny, separating the mainland from the peninsula as it sits next to the local vendor mall known as the Avalon Commissary. This is the third iteration of the Gate, the first two having been dismantled as newer, better building techniques were developed.

Although large and seemingly prohibitive to travelling to and from the peninsula, in truth these barrels do not block any character from walking over or through them. Hazard brings some engineering techniques to Avalon from his days constructing Lumaria's original Boat Bridge, Rune Boats, and the Aqueducts which watered the flowers at the Shrine of Sacrifice during a dry season.

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