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November 29, 2000

Faction Proposal

I read the following post from Tiberious on the Savage Truth message board:

Faction Proposal

Greetings ST and friends.

Savage Truth is considering the sponsorship of an allied Faction stone to rekindle our defense of Felucca as well as our relations with our longtime friends in Sosaria.

That said, I invite comment and participation in a renewed idea of old: The Sosarian Alliance.

That's right, SA stands a good chance of returning. I invite ST members, Dawn Members, TTW Members, UFG Members, GEA Members, RoR alumni, and other friends of honor to openly discuss this idea below. Let's give this idea form and put it into motion.

And opposition to this idea is welcome as well, as we need to know each other's opinions if we are to function as a unit.

Success with honor!


Posted by Brenstar at November 29, 2000 12:45 AM

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