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November 22, 2000

*begins to write in her Journal*

I found the following notes about a Seer's Quest from Ursula on the floor of the Golden Brew's message area:

*begins to write in her Journal*

Tonight we met again with Mendur Marris. Fighters from Avalon, Heaven's Forge, Dawn, AoV, Fairhaven and Golden were amongst the crowd. Mendur had a rune to a spot in Britain where he thought we might find Amon. Once we got there we found a book and another rune that took us to Cove.

We figured that Amon was holding a meeting at the Orc Fort so we all headed there... then...orcs..ettins..orcs...ettins...fighting...We found Amon and an Orc Lord in a meeting in the center of the fort. We tried talking to him about the goings on, but he attacked Anvil. So we fought back. It was then the Orc Lord called in recruitments. Hundreds of orcs swarmed the fort and many lives were lost. Amon escaped barely with his life and we all fought our way out of the fort.

Mendur did show up to lend a hand and once we were all clear we made our way back to the pub...we questioned Mendur some more, but didn't get anything out of him while I was there..I must sleep now. Too many orcs...*lays down her pen and goes to sleep*

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