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November 20, 2000

Attack on Flenniel Loak, and a Thanks

We'd like t' thank everyone that came t' the Shadowlight/Alliance of Virtue Thanksgiving Feast!

Many folk came from all over Britannia. Friends of ole' and of new alike were there to gorge themselves on the meal we prepared for them.

Near the end of the event though Flenniel Loak, a great merchant, showed up. However he was not alone.... Following him was hordes of elementals, and a request for his head!

For Anvil's account of the events please see the historical documents of Shadowlight and AoV.

Paintings of the Dinner:
Alliance of Vitue (go to Past AoV Event's page)

Paintings and Story of the Elemental Attack:
Village of Shadowlight (go to Quests page)

Again thank ye to all that showed up!

Anvil, AoV
Village TownCrier, HC

Posted by Nobody at November 20, 2000 6:08 PM

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