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November 6, 2000

Another visit from Mendur Marris (Felucca)

Our good friend Mendur Marris stopped by the Dawn Mage Tower again last night. He spoke for a bit on trade caravan's to Yew from Britain as well as the city of Yew itself. Then the conversation turned to trading in general and about the City of Dawn. After a bit he spoke of his daughter. He told us of her disappearance and concerns for her saftey.

After what seemed to be endless hours of pleasant coversation he had to return to his home. Before he left he gave me a small warning. He said ealier he passed a large orc in shadow armor of what he believed to be "exceptional quaility". He then said he saw 2 more in oddly colored armor for orcs. Explaining they looked much greater and powerful then other orcs, he warned to watch for them. Saying his final farewell he disappeared into the night.

Guildmaster, DOM

Posted by Thellaren at November 6, 2000 11:55 PM

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