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November 22, 2000

Another tale of Mendur Marris and the Cove Orc Fort

Anvil of the AoV posted the following addition to the current "Mendur Marris" Seer's Quest on the Golden Brew's message board:

Here's my account of the events last night. Pasque, Mirable, and Asmodean (who I will contact later) were there before Mendur left may want to contact one of them see if he left any instructions.

We started at the brew where we met with Mendur Marris. Still seeming t' have great anxiety over the recent events. He gave t' us a rune t' Amon's home. He informed us that should we find any evidence or even Amon himself, how we choose t' handle the situation would be left up t' us.

We formed 2 parties, I leading one Ursula leading the other. By use of the magical moonstones we soon found ourselves in the land controled by Minax. After regrouping gates were opened t' the rune that Mendur gave t' us. As soon as we entered Amon's home someone almost instantly found (and almost t' easy in my opinion) a rune labled 'Cove' and with it Amon's journal. The journal told us how he had been selling goods t' the Cove Orc's. It also stated he would be there delivering, or awaiting a shipment. Of which I can nae remember.

We gated t' the mining town of cove and traveled t' the edge of the mountains in the east. After regouping again we marched toward the Orc Fort. There t' greet us were many a ettin, and orcs of all kinds. We slowly made our advance toward the Fort.

Finally inside we saw, Amon speaking with who seemed t' be the lead orc. I over heard part of thier conversation. The orc questioned Amon why us humans were invading his fort. He then quickly went back t' the deal they were seemingly discussing before our arrival and told Amon that the orcs will find him and kill him. And that they will pay him. Though I could not hear Amon amongst the battle around me, the orc said t' him that he would use the human weapons that Amon had supplied t' kill them all. I assume he was speaking of us, though I nae know for sure.

During our discussion with Amon and the leader of the Orcs we have found out that Amon not only has been supplying them with weapons but has also informed them of human tactics and has been teaching the orcs how t' fight, and speak the britannian language. Amon also considers the orcs creatures of honor.

We began t' question Amon and his involvement with Pabert. He said he had saw him earlier, as in months ago, and he was in good health though hiding. Amon seems t' believe that Pabert is afraid that he may be caught, as he stole gold from his lord. Who his lord is he never said.

After a few more acusations that seemed t' insult Amon Jolds, he grew tired of defending his innocence and drew his sword and attacked me.

And the battle begun, some of us were attacking Amon for his dishonorable deed of attacking a man who was not threatening him. Others took on the onslaught of orcs that began t' flood in as Amon informed the orc leader that attacking us would be the payment they owed him.

Amon began t' grow weak and he recalled out of the battle. We however were still stuck inside the fort with an army of orcs. Mendur Marris soon joined and fought by our side. After what seemed like eterinity of fighint Mirable, Mendur and I were all that was left in the fort. Mirable and I were having great difficulty in getting Mendur t' leave though we would not join the others without him. He seemed greatly worried about the possessions of the fallen warriors. I informed him we would replace them but t' please hurry and come with us. Mirable and I had grown tired, and were nae as strong as we were before the battle, we both were also running low on bandages t' heal our wounds. Finally Mendur began t' follow us out.

Soon we joined the others, and back t' the Brew we went. Mendur stayed t' talk with us a bit, seemingly very angry at Amon for what he had done.

After many left t' retire I began t' question Mendur of things he knew. All that I learned was he grew up in Cove, and became a sword for hire for Flenniel Loaks caravan. Flenniel soon began t' take him under his wing, taught him how t' fight and the way of the merchant. Mendur soon after a small investment from Flenniel, began his career as a merchant. That career seemed t' come t' a hault when he met his wife. She t' was from Cove. The had a child, Aireen, however, his wife gave her life t' bring Aireen in t' this world.

I then started t' question Mendur on Flenniel Loak, but alas I blacked out. When I came t' Mendur was preparing his leave. We said farewell and off he went.

Not much later, Pasque, Sleatha, Mirabelle and I were still sitting at the Brew, sharing each of our own opinons on all the recent events when Flenniel Loak rode up. We talked with him for a while and informed him of the nights events. I also informed him of what I heard the orc say t' Amon. That though they did not say his name that he should be careful as the orcs are after someone, under Amon's request.

Though I do not feel Amon is the only guilty party. He certainly has done some things that he should be held accountable for...

Posted by Keith at November 22, 2000 3:03 PM

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